Business Growth Tool

Interested in increasing your client lifetime value by helping them grow and stay clients for longer?

Would you like to:

  • Offer immediate value to clients without committing a lot of time and effort?
  • Understand what changes your clients need to make to get greater success?
  • Have access to the advice your clients need so you can give it to them?

Then the Business Growth tool is ideal for you.

Our founder, Nigel Greenwood, has helped large and small businesses grow by mapping customer journeys and improving customer experience for 28 years.

He developed a face to face process of asking probing questions to map the different journeys that customers can take through a business, identifying issues and gaps that lead to lost sales, complaints and lost customers, then giving his clients a tailored set of recommendations with the advice they need himself or referring them to other business experts.

And that’s what the Business Growth tool does. It effectively puts the business owner in a virtual room with 15 business experts. They spend 30 minutes asking questions. Each answer determines the next question, so every user gets a unique set of questions tailored to their business. The user gets:

  • A map of the customer touchpoints in the business, highlighting those that need changing.
  • A tailored set of recommendations to grow the business.
  • Links to the advice they need to start making the changes and
  • Contact details for the experts if they need more help.

Try the business growth tool for yourself – no cost, no commitment: [link to trial page]

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