Viewing a business through customers’ eyes

Nigel Greenwood

BuBul is a trading name for Simply Customer.
For nearly 30 years, our founder, Nigel Greenwood, has helped large and small businesses to flourish by mapping their customer journeys and improving customer experience. Nigel launched Simply Customer in 2014 to focus on bringing the benefits of journey mapping and customer experience improvement to SMEs.

Nigel developed a face-to-face process of asking probing questions to map the different journeys that customers take through a business. His process identified issues and gaps that cause complaints and lose both sales and customers. He would then give his clients tailored recommendations as well as sound, proven advice for resolving the issues and/or referrals to other business experts for specialist help.

Examples of the impact Simply Customer has had on SMEs include:

100% immediate improvement in lead to sale conversion.

80% improvement in customer retention within 12 months.

67% improvement in conversion of quotation issued to sale.

800% increase in sale of monthly retainer with quotation.

For a micro SME, increase in monthly turnover from £2,500 to £25,000 within 6 months.

Power in your hands

Nigel has applied his highly successful process to a digital tool, enabling any business, anywhere to grow and thrive faster and more reliably. BuBul effectively puts the business owner in a virtual room with up to 25 business experts who spend 30 minutes asking questions. Each answer determines the next question, so every user gets a unique set of questions tailored to their business.

By analysing the user’s responses, the tool identifies the changes and developments that need to happen and any help the user needs to get a new business off to a flying start, or get rapid, profitable, sustainable growth for an existing business.

The tool provides a user-specific set of recommendations, with links to relevant expert advice from those who have been there, done that and built successful businesses. It’s a superb way of ensuring success while also saving time, money and effort!

In just half an hour, the user will have

For someone starting a business:

  • a set of tailored recommendations for the best possible chance of success and growth
  • links to the advice needed to start making the changes
  • contact details of trusted experts if they need more help.

Someone looking to grow an existing business gets the recommendations and advice, plus:

  • a map of the customer touchpoints for an existing business
  • a clear picture of which touchpoints need attention

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